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A Scientific Approach to Educational Reform.

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This site presents a simple, but scientific, approach to harmonizing human rights, democratic values, and 21st Century needs with public school systems. As its first goal, Vision 2020 by 2020 seeks to unite people who believe in public education, but who see it as needing a remake. The aim of this first action is to provide a large public show of support for public school educators who want to investigate real alternatives to the autocratic school systems currently in place. Please subscribe to our blog and follow us on Twitter. Email us or post to our blog to make your support known or to share your experiences.

To quickly determine if you are agree with the direction being taken here, try the Vision 2020 by 2020 Compatibility Test.

Click on Readings or Supporting Documents (also in the menubar) to learn about a pilot program being proposed by Vision 2020 by 2020.


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