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Supporting Documents

“Why do we have students experience 12 years of a dictatorship and then expect them to be ready for democracy?” – Jerry Mintz (AERO)

001 – The Opt-In, Opt-Out Advantage

002 – A Note to Parents and Teachers of Younger Children

003 – The Magnet School Option

004 – Piagetian Learning

005 – The CHIP Program

006 – How the CHIP Students Organized Their Room

007 – A CHIP Testimonial from a Former Student

008 – A CHIP Testimonial from Parents

009 – The Rise and Fall of CHIP

010 – A Sampling of Resources

Articles to Come in the Weeks Ahead

– The Role of Unions in Educational Reform

– Students’ Human Rights

– Public Schools as Community Builders

– Public Schools for Home Schoolers

– The Future School

– An Exciting New Life for Teachers


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