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The health services campaign after which Vision 2020 By 2020 is modeled required participating hospitals to complete a registration form. Schools participating in the Vision 2020 By 2020 campaign will likewise be asked to register. The reasons for registering are to facilitate the collection and sharing of information related to best practices, and also to help build the momentum and solidarity that make large campaigns successful.

It would be premature to post a registration form at this stage of the Vision 2020 By 2020 campaign. Some discussion about the criteria to qualify as a Vision 2020 By 2020 pilot program is needed, and people also need time to determine if they have the support to launch a pilot programs.  Realistically, September 2013 may be the earliest that pilot projects can be implemented, so there is lots of time to produce a form.

The criteria for the pilot projects need to be simple and easy to embrace. Drawing on experience from the CHIP Program they might only be the following:

  1. programs are to run as schools within larger secondary schools
  2. the program would run during at least one semester each year
  3. students would choose to enrol in the program
  4. a minimum of 15 secondary male and female students would participate each year
  5. a cross-age mix spanning at least three grade levels would be maintained
  6. student abilities would represent a cross-section of the larger school community
  7. students would have control over how they learned, but not necessarily what they learned
  8. authorities would commit to running the program for a minimum of five years where student interest held
  9. schools would agree to report their findings
  10. schools would agree to determine the causes of any programs that failed

Please feel welcome to comment below or send an email if you have questions or can contribute to the discussion on the criteria.

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