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The Vision 2020 by 2020 Compatibility Test

The following statements are provided to help you quickly determine if this site will be of interest to you.

  1. Effective, publicly-funded, community schools are the building blocks of a healthy society.
  1. Public education is in need of a remake.
  1. Educational reform has tended to be too whimsical and too politically driven. The redesign of education needs to be undertaken with the objectivity and investigative patience that are found in the best of scientific studies.
  1. Students who misbehave are most often those who feel frustrated or disrespected.
  1. For students to be fully engaged in learning they need to have considerable control over their learning. Given the right environment, the biological need to survive and natural curiosity will result in students learning what they need to know to have a good life and to be good citizens.
  1. Real choice in education is not the meager pickings of school choice. It is choice that gives students individually the autonomy to learn about what interests them, when it interests them, for as long as it interests them.
  1. The uniformity and conformity found in traditional schools needs to give way to diversity if students are to be given real choice.
  1. Age segregation and the scheduling imposed on students by pre-determined curriculum are major obstacles to cultivating diverse learning communities.
  1. There are nations of people who claim to believe in human rights and democracy while they send their children to authoritarian schools. Children need to live what we want them to learn.
  1. The redesign of public education requires that teachers and their unions be valued partners in the process of change.
  1. Today’s schools often make life more difficult for families.
  1.  The time for talk is over. It is now time for positive, thoughtful action.

Next: If you agree with most of these statements then please read: The Primary Problem.

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